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Hi and welcome.


I am Donald Ferguson, and my friends call be Don. I am currently a Senior Vice President at CA. I lead the architecture for the Enterprise IT Management initiative and products. I was previously a Microsoft Technical Fellow. I work in the Office of the CTO for David Vaskevitch. I spent a fair bit of time working with the BizTalk Services. I also spent some time helping out on Oslo. These are great projects and ideas, and I highly recommend them.

Previously I was an IBM Fellow. I was the Chief Architect of IBM Software Group, with overall technical responsibility for the WebSphere, Tivoli, Lotus, DB2 and Rational product families.  I mostly focused on product integration and new initiatives like Web services, the Service Component Architecture, Java 2 Enterprise Edition (TM) and Composite Applications.

My interests include

 Kenpo Karate

 Krav Maga

 I got a telescope for Christmas and will try amateur astronomy.